Bird calls at the office. Location: Tarcoles Main Office. During an early morning before our guests arrived we decided to stand in the sun for a few minutes just to make sure that our english birdwatchers were not missing our office. It was a normal day full of bird calls on the adjacent property next...
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El tepezcuintle o Cuniculus Paca (nombre científico), es un mamífero neo-tropical nocturno también conocido como Tepezcuintle cuyo nombre significa del náhuatl tépetl ‘monte’ e ‘itzcuintli’ perro. Aunque el Tepezcuintle o paca está muy lejos de ser un perro, ya que pertenece a la familia de los roedores. Esta especie de rata gigante sin cola y moteada es...
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We have created a small summary on where to go bird watching near me/you. The goal is to help birders to have tools by season, location. Pointing out some of the best bird species by location in Costa Rica. Would also give you a basic guideline where to start if you are new to our...
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Bare-throated, Tigrisoma Mexicanum it’s scientific name, Tigrisoma derives from the Greek and means “tiger’s body” in relation to the plumage of the species; Mexicanum for Mexico. The tiger heron is autochthonous to Central America, very common in the Tárcoles area, Costa Rica.It’s a primitive-looking heron, large but with short legs, that inhabits mangroves and freshwater...
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