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General Description. With a total length of about 6 m in adults and generally between 3 and 4 m in juvenile. The male is larger than the female.American crocodile average weight is 500 kg. The eyelids open and close laterally and are provided with glands that secrete excess salt through the eyes in the form...
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Garabito, where Jaco Beach Costa Rica is located, belongs to the province of Puntarenas. The geographic coordinate location of Jaco town is 09 ° 42’35 “north latitude and 84 ° 36’52” west longitude. This small town has been developed in the last 40 years and its transformation is due to the great investment in tourism,...
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Bare-throated, Tigrisoma Mexicanum it’s scientific name, Tigrisoma derives from the Greek and means “tiger’s body” in relation to the plumage of the species; Mexicanum for Mexico. The tiger heron is autochthonous to Central America, very common in the Tárcoles area, Costa Rica.It’s a primitive-looking heron, large but with short legs, that inhabits mangroves and freshwater...
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