Jaco & Tarcoles, Garabito, Costa Rica

Garabito, where Jaco Beach Costa Rica is located, belongs to the province of Puntarenas. The geographic coordinate location of Jaco town is 09 ° 42’35 “north latitude and 84 ° 36’52” west longitude. This small town has been developed in the last 40 years and its transformation is due to the great investment in tourism, which represents its main economic activity.

At the beginning of the Spanish conquest, it was inhabited by indigenous people and the main chief was Garabito, from whom the current name of the canton was taken. The geography and riches of the place have made Jaco become a jewel not only to live, but to enjoy the natural beauties that are around it.

Among the natural riches are national parks such as the Carara National Park and the Manuel Antonio National Park, which are considered among the most important and visited in the country. In Garabito is the mouth of the Tárcoles River, which is known to be the habitat of the American Crocodile, while its bank at its mouth is home to numerous ducks and waders, 320 in total. Among the many resident herons are the bota beak and the tiger heron; other birds that can be observed are the dara curlew, the mangrove canary and the dwarf kingfisher. Only in Carara find 432 species of birds and in Jaco 431 which means that it is a land extremely rich in fauna and of course in flora with a landscape and vegetation very similar to the Amazon in South America.

Jaco is also known as the surf capital of Costa Rica and is the place where the largest number of professional surfers are concentrated, since all the sponsors and brands are found in the shops and workshops in the area. Without forgetting the Playa Hermosa wave machine, it is a wildlife refuge located about 5 km south of Jaco, where surfing conditions are great most of the year. This wildlife refuge aims to protect the spawning of the Kemp’s ridley turtle, which is an endangered species.
Playa Hermosa ranked eighth among the 10 best beaches in Central America according to travelers, in the «Travelers Choice 2013» ranking of the Tripadvisor website.1

Jaco Costa Rica Weather has two seasons: the dry and the rainy, the latter corresponds to the months of May to December and the dry season, which is also the highest season in visitation, runs from January to April and corresponds to the first 4 months of the year.

During the dry season, tourists seek the heat of the tropics, this makes economic activity in the canton benefit and at the same time some of these tourists fall in love with the place and decide to stay, so there are many sales of properties and the construction sector remains active practically throughout the year.

The activities that can be carried out and the experiences are many in the area, ranging from ATV tours in the mountains and rivers, Zip Line from the treetops and fishing and nature tours. For example, in the area there is Mangrove Birding Journeys which is a company specialized in sustainable tourism and has sophisticated photography and bird watching equipment. Among the activities that Mangrove Birding Journeys offers, it includes boat tours on the Tárcoles River or walks through botanical gardens and visits to national parks.

We invite you to visit Jaco, Garabito, Costa Rica and fall in love with its beauties and why not? Stay in paradise.



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