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Por: Yendry Salazar Un sonido característico de los bosques de Costa Rica en cualquier provincia donde nos encontremos: el sonido de las chicharras volando de un árbol a otro. En algunos países las conocen como cigarras, cocuyos, cicadas, chiquirines, tococos, cocoras o cogollos. Las reconocemos por su tamaño y forma: miden entre 15 y 66...
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General Description. With a total length of about 6 m in adults and generally between 3 and 4 m in juvenile. The male is larger than the female.American crocodile average weight is 500 kg. The eyelids open and close laterally and are provided with glands that secrete excess salt through the eyes in the form...
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It is the same green fascinating forest, but now it’s dark and you are ready to find out what’s there. At night it’s the best time to find Costa Rica wildlife, observe and photograph beautiful tree frogs, shy snakes, colorful insects, mammals and other creatures that only come out at night. The experience of Costa...
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