Top 3 What to do in Costa Rica

This is the top 3 Nature and wildlife Activities to do in Costa Rica:

1 – What to do in Carara National Park:

The Carara Carara National Park, which in the Huetar indigenous language means “River of Crocodiles”, has the only transitional forest in the Central Pacific, which translates into a diversity of flora and fauna, where species typical of dry and humid forests converge. The nature forest is similar to the Amazonian forest.

This National Park is a world-renowned ornithological destination since it has a very diverse bird life, where the Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) stands out, a species that is in danger of extinction, being the second largest species of Psittacidae in Costa Rica.

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Some extra activities to do near Carara National Park:
  • Canopy
  • Sunset cruises
  • Hicking


2- What to do in Arenal Volcano National Park:

The volcano is located in the province of Alajuela, canton of San Carlos. The district is La Fortuna, a city from which you can reach the national park by traveling only 8 km.

How big is the Arenal volcano?

The volcano rises up to 1,670 meters above sea level and covers an area of 33 square km, so there are many corners to explore this giant.

This creates a mix of lush nature, dramatic seared landscapes and the freshness of adventures on the water that you won’t forget.

Some extra activities to do near the Arenal
  • Hot Springs
  • Hike to the Arenal Volcano
  • National Park
  • Canopy
  • Hanging bridges
  • Rafting
  • Bird watching
3- What to do in Manuel Antonio National Park:

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica is a beautiful place to vacation, its immense flora, fauna and diversity of both aquatic and terrestrial attractions endow it with great tourist influence; gastronomy is another of the strong points; delicious and very tasty dishes and drinks to enjoy alone or in company we can find from start to finish, going from the well-known club drinks to traditional concoctions prepared exclusively for the delight of all visitors to the town who long to know completely everything that Costa Rica has to offer.

Some activities to do near Manuel Antonio
  • Mangrove tour
  • Visit to the national park
National Park’s for the visitors, some recommendations:

• It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, insect repellent.
• If you visit a National Park, please stay within the trails, in case of any eventuality go to the officials of the area.
• Inside the Park, both in the vehicle parking area, bathrooms and trails, smoking is not allowed.
• Help to keep the areas clean, do not leave trash or traces of our visit. Within the trails you will not find containers to deposit garbage.
• Drinking alcoholic beverages or drugs is not allowed, protect the signs and take care of them.
• Enjoy nature properly, do not touch wild plants or animals.
• We invite you to explore the trails, if you need information consult the park officials.
• To walk along the trails inside the forest, it is recommended to use suitable footwear, the use of sandals is not recommended and try not to make noise, do not leave the permitted areas or climb on sculptures or signs.
• Take care of your belongings.
• Do not interact with animals, keep a suitable distance from wildlife and do not leave food within their reach.

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