Bird calls, do you recognize?

Bird calls at the office. Location: Tarcoles Main Office.

Bird Calls Turkey Vulture

During an early morning before our guests arrived we decided to stand in the sun for a few minutes just to make sure that our english birdwatchers were not missing our office. It was a normal day full of bird calls on the adjacent property next to the roadside about 20 meter or less away from the door. Suddenly our photographer noticed a very common site perched on a pretty good golden light of the tropical forests, it was an unmistakable Turkey Vulture pruning its chest feathers. He went ahead and filmed it. Nothing out of the ordinary per say, needless to say once played on the Mac some started asking him the bird calls from the background since you are able to hear them you could be agreed that were quite plentiful going off non stop.

Bird Calls Turkey Vulture Sky
Turkey Vulture Sky

We would like to attach a brief list of all the species registered during the short film using a Nikon D500 with its natural microphone mounted on a Nikkor 500 mm F4 VR, nothing really complex in terms of technical information.

Here the summarized list of all bird calls.

Gartered Trogon
Melodius Blackbird
Rufous naped Wren
Inca Dove
Orange chinned Parakeet
Orange fronted Parakeet
Groove billed Ani
Laughing Falcon (way off on the distance)
Yellow Warbler
Hoffmann’s Woodpecker
Yellow crowned Euphonia

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