Meet us Our Team

CEO & Photographer Randall Ortega CEO & Photographer
My fascination with the natural world started one day when I picked up a piece of garbage from the street back in 1982. In the bin there was a nature magazine called Equinox with the cover of Wolf in a deep forest with trees completely covered by snow. Those eyes, that light, the moment captured revealed my path to follow into becoming a professional photographer.
Operations Manager Leonardo Centeno Operations Manager
My name is Leonardo Centeno, Operations Manager of MBJ, I am the fifth generation of the first settlers of the canton of Garabito. Proud father of 2 wonderful children, who motivate me in a great way to make this world a better place for everyone, and what better approach to do it than to develop leisure activities that generate a minimum impact on our natural ecosystems. Lover of family time, treasuring every moment with them.
Webmaster Jose Cordero Webmaster
My name is Jose Cordero. I am a software developer with more than 20 years of experience. Living my dream close to the beach and the beauties of nature. My goal is to help the communities in social labors and information technologies to enforce the people's necessities. I'm in love with surfing and healthy food that make me live better and better.
environmental manager Leonel Lepiz environmental manager
I am a native of San Carlos, a place full of rivers and nature, I grew up among these elements that created a very strong connection with the earth, hence my interest in studying environmental sciences. Now I am a professional dedicated to the conservation of the environment and I would like to share with all our visitors the wonders that this small but beautiful piece of land has
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