Enjoy a gentel walk thru little and quite hidden corners, find unique moments with wonderul nature encounters.

Tarcoles is an amazing starting point for everyone loving birds or willing to learn about them. Tarcoles’s located in the fine line between dry forest and rainforest, with iconic species such as Scarlet Macaws to dry forest specialities as Lesser Ground Cuckoo.
The journey begins early or in the afternoon walking/driving along various forest patches, dirt roads and river edges locating some of the most common and birds from semi open hábitats. The ever changing forests due human intercations or the restoring of the rainforest due conservation has help the growth in the number the species. 
Departing to the small town of Tarcoles nestled in a lower valley surrounded by cascading mountains cover by lush rainforests, bordering the Pacific Ocean, the mighty Tarcoles River and its mangroves. The tour starts with an introductory talk about bird anatomy and its field marks, in order to make you understand how to reconizge them. For those with more experience we will focus on targeting some of the best and more iconic species of each ecosystem without forgetting the pretty ones or the common.

-Departures at 06:00 and 13:00
-3 hours touring different natural ecosystems in search of our objectives.
-Professional binoculars included (adults only).
-Drink and snack.
-Daily availability.
-Transportation availability.

-Comfortable clothes.
-Tennis shoes or closed sandals.
-Mosquito repellent.
-Photography gear (in case of not having it, we will rent it to you).

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