Parrot Counting Sunset Tour

Because biodiversity matters.

Experience an unforgettable sunset riverboat journey, joining expert birders, and directly
contribute to important Parrot Conservation Research. This is an educational, once in a
lifetime opportunity to take part in a roost count of the iconic Scarlet Macaw and Yellow
Naped Amazon Parrot. 
Learn about the work of Macaw Recovery Network (MRN) and how your tour will help save
wild Parrot populations in Costa Rica. Taking a journey down the Tarcoles River, you will
see many exotic bird species, but most importantly, help conduct a roost count. After
anchoring down the river you will count the two species flying over to roost for the night.
Get ready to take in the beautiful natural surroundings, the breath-taking sunset, and
encounter some of Costa Rica’s most endangered Parrots.

Costa Rica, these charismatic Costa Rican parrots are no exception. They used to be found abundantly, but are now left in isolated, fragmented populations.
Macaw Recovery Network is a Costa Rican registered NGO; with its mission to recover endangered neotropical parrot populations through leading a network that develops and implements best practices in conservation. With field sites in different parts of the country, MRN implements hands-on species conservation such as captive breeding for reintroduction and nest protection to boost parrot populations. To safeguard a future for parrots, they invest in community outreach and the integration of community members in their conservation activities, but also has an increased emphasis on restoration efforts.
Costa Rica is well-known for its immense biodiversity and has been attracting ecotourists for decades. We believe there is tremendous opportunities in collaborating with international visitors more, through actively engaging them in conservation efforts. This experience does exactly that; it puts passionate nature loving visitors on the front lines of conservation, making a true difference for parrots.
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– 2 1/2 hour boat ride
– Brief presentation of Macaw Recovery Network
– Use of binoculars provided by MBJ
– Drink and snack on boat
– Availability Mondays & Saturdays

The tour will involve some light hiking on uneven terrain and some exposure to elements such as rain, sun and water. Therefore, we recommend you to:
– Wear closed shoes or sandals
– Bring a raincoat or umbrella
– Wear and/or bring sunscreen
– Although you will receive a drink and snack on the boat, you may bring additional water or food if preferred
Please note: bringing your electronics on the boat will be at your own risk and we recommend limited use of phones and cameras, especially during transit.

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