Our Nikon Gear


14-24mm 2.8

As far as astrophotography, night skies and time lapses this is the lens. Although two defaults on this lens.

  1. No filters can be attached

  2. Glare edging is somewhat easy to correct in post-production or by placing the lens correctly to avoid that extra light coming in.

Some more important info about this lens Here.


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Where to buy it: www.robertscamera.com

24-70mm 2.8

Some have called it, the workhorse of photography. No doubts that this lens is a keeper for landscape photography.



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Where to buy it: www.robertscamera.com

60mm S VR 2.8

Why this lens instead a 105 mm. Most reviews from experts would point out that for serious macro photographers this lens is short. But in reality it might well be the only macro with a real size “view” with a minimum focus distance of 0.6 ft in comparison with nearly double of 105.

Its automatic focus is extremely fast and silent, both characteristics well appreciated in macro photography.



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Where to buy it: www.robertscamera.com

70-200mm VR 2.8

There are lenses that all photographers shall have in their permanent collection. Built extremely well which is crucial for those capturing images in the wild. Sharp, excellent bokeh and the absolute best companionship for all types of photographic scenarios.


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Where to buy it: www.robertscamera.com

85mm 1.8 G

Nikon sharpest 85mm ever! We use this lens to capture close range portraits, it’s important for us to record our clients with the same quality as we focus on wildlife & nature. If you are looking for a medium range, super accurate sharpness look no further.



300mm VR 2.8

If there is a standard for wildlife photography & birds. Yes, you are right this is THE LENS, silent, fast, rarely misses and the best thing about it’s the capacity to the right of the second is overridden by manual focus. It keeps its focus tracking mode even in very dim light. Very handy if you are in the rainforests. It’s a heavy beat we agreed on, but if you wish to have something lighter at 300mm you will not get the photo.



500mm VR F4

It’s very hard to determine whether the 500 or the 600 mm should be on your shoulders all the time. According to the majority of experts there is a small difference in sharpest between them both but the winner is 600mm F4. We carry both in general although to our experts 500mm is a beat faster mounted on a D500 or on an older model the D4. We can’t make our minds therefore we use them both equally. But 500mm focuses at 4.0 meters versus 5.0 on a 600mm Please read the link below for more detailed information.



Macro super Lens 24mm F14

There are not enough words to express our perplexity when we got this lens and of course the mind blowing results. If you wish to go above and beyond photography this might be the right gear to do it.



Sound recording

What are birds without their beautiful songs? Well not all birds call pretty just the case of Scarlet Macaws behind our offices! Can’t even hear the phone ringing while they are crazy wild arguing over a nesting hole for the coming breeding season. CRBJ is constantly growing and our terrible need for knowledge of our natural world pushes us to keep learning. Therefore, we are adding in the months to come a sound gallery in the hopes to start leading tours focused on sounds.


GODOX Lighting

In the world of photography lighting gear might well be the most competitive of them all! As we learn about it to develop a new portfolio of photographs technology becomes the number one piece of the puzzle to create images that were nearly impossible. We have used other brands but the portability and the $ has led us to find GODOX gear. So far no disappointing and we see that down the trek they might become on our choice par excellence.




IPhone 11 Pro Max gimbal / OSMOS 3

Sometimes there is no time to get the right gear at the right time and this is where this small yet power toy becomes handy. We used mainly for our social media and quick videos but it has the capacity to be nearly a professional device for serious work. Either way we love it and the messages get fast and well done.




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