Nature Photography

Inmortalize unique moments requires ability, patience and knowledge, we shall lead the path to those momentums but you would lead the pace.

Capturing treasure moments requires ability, patience and knowledge of your gear and the environment you might exposed. Mangrove Photography Journeys will lead the path to those momentums but you would lead the pace. Apart from being keen birders, we are the most dedicated company to excel people’s dreams for those perfect shots. Our pace of exploring the Tarcoles River is the success to your birding or nature vacation. Slowly moving the boats, and taking the time need it will ensure to get the best possible image. Our 3 hours boat tour can extend upon request if bookings aloud us. Is very common to see Frigatebirds dipping for beats of fresh water soaring slowly at eye level, or capturing photos of Roseated Spoonbills stretching their wings.
Apart from iconic birds the boat service can provide intimate time with crocodiles, iguanas, fast running Jesus Christ lizards, raccons trying to wash recently caught crabs or an Osprey diving ferociously for a nice cat fish or a snook. There is not a dull moment with us. Birds playing pretty, others feeding their chicks, many flying in flocks, some resting, most of them behaving naturally at dead trees or river banks. We believe in quality therefore we offer you quality. Boat tours start as early as wished but regular day tours at 6 am until 530 pm.
For those eager to film or capture unique moments custom hours trips are upon request. MBJ loves expending that extra time along your side.

-3 hours boat ride.
-Visit to 3 ecosystems, mangrove, estuary, and riparian forest.
-Drink and snack on the boat.
-Daily availability.
-Transportation availability

-Comfortable clothes
-Tennis shoes or closed sandals
-Photography gear (in case of not having it, we will rent it to you).

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