Frequently Asked Questions Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Alimentamos cocodrilos?

De acuerdo con las leyes ambientales y de vida silvestre, alimentar especies en peligro de extinción es una actividad ilegal desde 1974. No participamos ni estamos asociados con ninguna práctica como tal.

¿Es MBJ la única empresa en el río Tárcoles que proporciona binoculares de alta calidad durante el tour?

Sí. Para mayores de 12 años con autorización de los padres.

¿Ofrece Mangrove Birding Journeys recorridos en bote por la naturaleza para familias y personas naturalistas?

De hecho, MBJ ha rediseñado muchos de nuestros servicios, incluidos los recorridos en barco de cocodrilos. Los niños de cualquier edad son bienvenidos con sus respectivos padres o similar. Los menores de 5 años son huéspedes que no pagan siempre que dos o más adultos se unan a los servicios. De 5 a 11 pagan solo $ 25 por niño y mayores de 12 se consideran un precio regular.

It’s true that my friend or family member on a wheelchair can also join your birding, photography and nature viewing tours?

That is totally correct. Our two boats have been re-built to allow wheelchair and limited mobility guests to comfortably be on it. Even for those who can get off their chairs at all. This situation would be negotiated far in advance if possible with a minimum of 24 hours. This is in order to prepare the right experience for them.

How close can you get to crocodiles, birds and other nature?

If you are a photographer with a limited gear or mm; we would be glad to offer you our gear rental. MBJ has bought several prime lenses for wildlife and bird photography. Some of those lenses are: 20-700 mm; 300 mm; 400 mm, 500 mm all prime.

But if you are not a photographer with proper gear, the answer is very close as long as we don’t alter nature.


Do you offer food during your trips?

In many cases yes we do. Our full day experiences might well include B, L or D or even all of them.

We heard about a night tour?

Mangrove Birding Journeys on our endless search for excellence and unique nature experiences. Our largest boat has been set up with the required lighting gear. And we are the only company in Costa Rica to take you in the mysterious life of night creatures.

Can we book one or more tours apart from those offered on your site; such as Manuel Antonio National Park, Poas Volcano, etc?

Although our main focus is on our distinctive tours, our talented naturalist can take you anywhere in Costa Rica with the same level of quality.

How bad are mosquitos?

It’s hard to make people believe that they don’t really represent a major headache here. During the rainy season, trousers, a regular repellent shall do. Even during our night tours bugs in general are no worry. Needless to say we are in the rainforest, take some precautions as you would do in your woods.

How hard is the level of your activities?

We consider whether any of our nature journeys are physically demanding. Maybe the birding tours take a lot of standing up but we are prepared with very light portable chairs to carry along in case a break is need it.

Can my kids learn how to birdwatch with you?

If there is one thing we would like in our services is education! And those little sponges would be a real pleasure to teach them about tropical birding.

How many species of birds can I see on a day with you?

We have reached an impressive number of 187 species sighted and 221 in total with only 5 more seen by our lead guide; the remaining were heard by all of them. But the normal range during the boat tour would be close to 100, a full day combining various types of forest such as Carara National Park, Bijagual’s Rainforest or Witch’s Rock Road with Jaco Wetlands above 150. This is taking on count some previous experience or what we consider intermediate birders.

It’s my first time birding/photographing, how much knowledge do I need?

Zero!!!!! Baby steps. After 25 years of guiding expertise; we have what it takes to make your very first day very enjoyable. 

I am staying at Marriott Los Sueños traveling with my family. I have only a few hours in the very early morning, can you take me birding or photographing within the complex?

One of our main routes for birding and photography is in fact Los Sueños Marriott and adjacent forests. It has proven a great success in a couple of hours.

We are staying in San Jose/Atenas/Manuel Antonio. Can you arrange transportation?

Not a problem at all. Just a friendly reminder that prices would increase. Pick up times would be given according to the location.

Do you have tour operator insurance?

Yes. We got you cover. Contact us for more details.

Does your staff speak French, German, Mandarin?

Not a problem! With enough time in advance to find the right guide for you. 

Do you do overnight tours to other parts of Costa Rica?

Of course, we are so centrally located that to visit from Jaco Area and surroundings to places like Monteverde, Arenal, Corcovado, Cerro de la Muerte is relatively easy. Just keep in mind that our departure times would differ from our daily schedules. It’s all a matter to email us with your request.

Do you do airport pick up?

Up to 30 passengers.

How long are your half day/full day tours?

Between 5 to 11 hours with 1:30 hrs for lunch and resting.

If I have my Nikon camera could I rent your super telephoto lenses?

Technically no. Our gear is to use during our daily expeditions. Crafting our itineraries have been years of trial and error, we much rather prefer to lead you where nature is found.

Do you have Birds of Costa Rica Book for sale?

Yes, but not online. We will be glad to hand you those once you are in our country.

Why only Nikon?

Oh well, it’s a long story. We can’t afford the same lenses of other brands for the moment.

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