Crocodile Tour

Indulge yourselves in the world of nature, the tropical sun and millions of years old creatures.

Created for all types of nature seekers, family and single travelers a 2 hours tranquil boat ride floating along the mighty Tarcoles, home of the largest population of American Crocodiles in Central America. Some of them exceeding well over 18 feet long and weighting nearly 1300 lbs. Along our 2 hours boat service you will not only enjoy the gentle ride and the vast knowledge of our naturalist, MBJ has also gone the extra mile in both quality and services by providing all our participants with top end binoculars so you can see and feel nature right there… Apart from amazing close encountres with those large reptilians; Tarcoles river and Guacalillo Mangroves also offer great opportunities to observe a great array of birds, many whom migrate year after year since begging of times from North America but also many local residents such as Kingfishers, Hawks hunting crabs, Spoonbills swagging from shrimp and other crusteaceans. Often the distubirng call of Howler Monkeys rise up on the distance or a silent movement of a raccoon washing its prey. Our boat tour is trutly desing for those seeking a connection to rainforest flora and fauna.

-2 hours boat ride.

-Visit to 3 ecosystems, mangrove, estuary, and riparian forest.

-Drink and snack on the boat.

-Daily availability.

-Transportation availability.

-Available for kids (Over 5 years old pay)

-Comfortable clothes.

-Tennis shoes or closed sandals.



-Cameras are optional.

-Mosquito repellent

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