Central Pacific Photography Experience

A perfect blend to capture fascinating places, colours and nature.

MBJ has transformed the way people until now has seen the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, by using its natural beauty as the main card in the game of photography.

We have carefully spent a full year driving up and down the road to time light perfection, unique possible scenarios and phenomenal opportunities to photograph from sunrise, silky ocean waves, vibrant birds, exciting crocodiles and superb sunsets.

Crafted with passion and knowledge, the full day tour is designed for everyone willing to learn how to compose, prepare and shoot a camera for that gorgeous moment.

Our very early departures enable us to be on schedule with nature by positioning ourselves at the right place and time. Going from the hilltops to the shorelines or into the mangroves for unrivalled moments in the wild. As if it was not enough Mangrove Birding Journeys has acquired top of the line camera gear and nikkor prime lenses. An unique service in all of Costa Rica which all need it to bring is the desire to make astonishing photographs.

Pick up time: 5:15 am

Return time: Sometime after sunset

Includes: Nikkor prime lenses for wildlife 300 mm F2.8 or 500 mm F4/ EPL 5.6, tripods, landscape lenses 20mm 2.8 and up to 700-200 mm 2.8, transportation, breakfast, lunch, boat tour entrance fees & photography guide.

-Full Day experience (05:15-18:00)
-Lunch included
-Drink and snack
-Daily availability.
-Transportation availability

-Comfortable clothes
-Tennis shoes or closed sandals
-Mosquito repellent.
-Photography gear (in case of not having it, we will rent it to you).

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